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Laparoscopic Trans-Abdominal Cerclage (LAP-TAC)

What is it?

A surgical procedure performed to prevent a 2nd trimester loss (commonly 16-23 weeks) due to cervical incompetence. Learn more about infertility diagnosis and treatments

Who should have it placed?

Women who have had a previous 2nd trimester loss.
Women who have had certain surgeries to their cervix (large cone biopsy).

How is it placed?

Dr. Dinesen uses the daVinci Surgical System to place the stitch laparoscopically via 3 small 8 mm (1/3 inch) incisions. The cerclage can also be placed through a large abdominal incision (traditional) or vaginally (less success rate).

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  • Same day procedure (no overnight stay)
  • >90% full term rate
  • No bed rest required in subsequent pregnancy


  • Surgical and anesthesia risks
  • Bleeding, infection, damage to adjacent structures (rare)
  • Need for cesarean section at time of delivery

If you, or someone you know has had a 2nd trimester loss, a laparoscopic TAC should be considered. The procedure is not experimental and is covered by most insurances. Only a few physicians are trained to do this procedure, so if you live too far away to come in for a consultation, please call (215) 489-2066 and arrange a phone (or internet) consultation with Dr. Scott Dinesen.

“Our goal is to help patients and their loved ones have happy, healthy children”
– Dr. Dinesen